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The facial nerve is one of the key cranial nerves with a complex and broad range of functions. Although at first glance it is the motor nerve of facial expression which begins as a trunk and emerges from the parotid gland as five branches see facial nerve branches mnemonic , it has taste and parasympathetic fibers that relay in a complex manner. The facial nerve is the only cranial nerve that may show normal post-contrast enhancement, although this applies only to the labyrinthine segment up to the stylomastoid foramen. Enhancement of the other segments of the facial nerve and other cranial nerves is considered pathologic. Three brainstem nuclei contribute to the facial nerve: one motor, one secretomotor, and one sensory:.
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Facial nerve

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Mastoiditis - Wikipedia

Kullman , and the Department of Neurology Dr. Dyck and Otorhinolaryngology Dr. The chorda tympani arises on the average 5. The mastoid segments of the fallopian canal of these temporal bones average The histograms of the diameters of myelinated fibers of the mastoid portion of the facial nerve proximal to the origin of the chorda tympani nerve in man usually are unimodal before 5 years of age and bimodal thereafter. Elimination of the contribution of the chorda tympani-nerve fibers to the fiber spectrum of the nerves from persons 10 years of age and older decreases the height of the small-fiber peak.
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It emerges from the pons of the brainstem , controls the muscles of facial expression, and functions in the conveyance of taste sensations from the anterior two-thirds of the tongue. It arises from the brainstem from an area posterior to the cranial nerve VI abducens nerve and anterior to cranial nerve VIII vestibulocochlear nerve. The facial nerve also supplies preganglionic parasympathetic fibers to several head and neck ganglia. The facial and intermediate nerves can be collectively referred to as the nervus intermediofacialis.
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Background: The hallmark of the temporal bone is variation. Various important structures like the facial nerve run in the temporal bone at various depths which can be injured during mastoidectomy. Methods: Twenty wet cadaveric temporal bones were dissected. A cortical mastoidectomy was performed followed by a canal wall down mastoidectomy and the depth of the vertical segment of the facial nerve in the mastoid was determined.
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